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Meetings and Events

Our member societies arrange meetings, which are normally open to any member of the public.

This page lists talks, walks and other events chronologically.

Click Group to see a list arranged by the name of the Group, and Speaker to see a list arranged by the name of the Speaker.

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Details of new events, corrections and amendments should be sent to the Webmaster.

Ted Udall - Organising your family history research

26/06/2017   Bristol & Avon Family HS Bath ABM followed by talk  

John Penny - "A night at the cinema"

27/06/2017   Avonmouth Genealogy Group Film  

Siobhan Goodwin - Further guided walk of Wells

28/06/2017   Harptrees History Society Walk  6.30 p.m. £4  

Terry Stevens - Tyntesfield   

04/07/2017   Kingswood History Society Talk  

Peter Morton - A Miller's Tale. Folk song and dance presentation with Peter Morton

04/07/2017   Winterbourne Barn AGM at 6.30 followed by public event at 7.30  

Jeff Bishop - Bristol through maps

06/07/2017   Bristol Civic Society Talk.  Non-members £5  

David Hounsell - David Hounsell will talk about the long history of the church, village and coal mines

10/07/2017   Nailsea & District LHS Visit. Meet at St Micahel's Church, Clapton in Gordano at 7 p.m.  

Roger Angerson - Quaker records

12/07/2017   Bristol & Avon Family HS Sodbury Vale Talk  

 - Bristol Port. Details to follow

12/07/2017   Bristol Civic Society Coach tour  

Chris Stephens - Bristol's Australian pioneer: Robert Bush and the Bishop's Knoll WW1 Hospital

13/07/2017   West Bristol History Group Talk  

Roy Rice - Banwell in old photographs

14/07/2017   Banwell Archaeological Society Talk  

Andrew Stocker  - The Bristol Theatre Royal: developments since 2013

18/07/2017   Bishopston, Horfield & Ashley Down LHS Talk  


19/07/2017   Western Front Association - Avon Branch AGM  

Shirley Hodgson - Missing, presumed emigrated

20/07/2017   Paulton History Society AGM and Talk. AGM at 7.15  

 - West Gallery music workshop

22/07/2017   Winterbourne Barn Workshop  10.00 to 4.00  

Tessitoura Opera - The Barber of Seville

23/07/2017   Winterbourne Barn Opera in the Barn   


25/07/2017   Avonmouth Genealogy Group Social evening: our practice Christmas meal  

 - Avonmouth Village. Details to follow

26/07/2017   Bristol Civic Society Coach tour  

Alan Stone - Guided walk of Shepton Mallet

26/07/2017   Harptrees History Society Walk  6.30 p.m. £1  

 - Bristol's brillian archaeology

29/07/2017   Bristol Museums All day event at various locations  

Pat Hase - What can we believe?

31/07/2017   Bristol & Avon Family HS Bath Talk  

Mike Horler - My life with shire horses

01/08/2017   Kingswood History Society Talk  

Christine Cole - Cassandra's sister

09/08/2017   Bristol & Avon Family HS Sodbury Vale Talk  

Vince Russett - Public involvement in the heritage of our countryside

11/08/2017   Banwell Archaeological Society Talk at Banwell Village Hall at 7.30  

 - Finds identification, guided walks, old photos, recent finds, displays and other events

12/08/2017   Banwell Archaeological Society Event at Banwell Village Hall, 10  to 4  

 - Visit to Banwell Bone Caves

13/08/2017   Banwell Archaeological Society Visit at times to be advised. Must be pre-booked  

 - Alice in Wonderland.  Ian Kennedy Productions

13/08/2017   Winterbourne Barn Play 2.30 to 4.30  


22/08/2017   Avonmouth Genealogy Group Members' evening  

 - The Merry Wives of Windsor.   The Festival Players

29/08/2017   Winterbourne Barn Shakespeare in the Barn 7.00 to 9.00  

 - Executive Committee meeting

04/09/2017   ALHA Executive Committee   

Tony Harcourt - The medieval archer

05/09/2017   Kingswood History Society Talk  

Chris Richards - A history of mining in the village of Banwell

08/09/2017   Banwell Archaeological Society Talk  

 - Family History Fair

09/09/2017   Bristol & Avon Family History Fair BAWA, Southmead Road, Filton. 10 - 4   

 - Heritage Open Day. South Gloucestershire in World War I exhibition

09/09/2017   Winterbourne Barn 11.00 to 5.00  

 - Heritage Open Day. South Gloucestershire in World War I exhibition

10/09/2017   Winterbourne Barn 12.00 to 5.00  

Mike Hooper - Knowle and Totterdown

11/09/2017   Bristol & Avon Family HS Bristol Talk  

Peter Malpass - The growth of Bristol's Victorain suburbs

11/09/2017   Nailsea & District LHS Talk  

Alan Freke - Frankie goes to Hollywood

13/09/2017   Bristol & Avon Family HS Sodbury Vale Talk  

Francis Greenacre - The iconography of Edward Colston, member of the Royal African Conmpany & philanthropist

14/09/2017   West Bristol History Group Talk  

Speaker from the Zoo - The History of Bristol Zoo

15/09/2017   Stoke Bishop & Sneyd Park LHG Talk  

Chris Stephens - Bristol's Australian pioneer: Robert Bush and the Bishop's Knoll WW1 Hospital

19/09/2017   Bishopston, Horfield & Ashley Down LHS Talk  

Paul Barnett - Wreckers tales: shipbreakers of the Severn

19/09/2017   Marshfield & District LHS Talk  

Mike Coyle - Comparing the Somme 1916 and Arras 1917

20/09/2017   Western Front Association - Avon Branch Talk  

Roger Jaques - The poor and the not so poor

25/09/2017   Bristol & Avon Family HS Bath Talk  

Prof. Richard Coates - The history of surnames

26/09/2017   Avonmouth Genealogy Group Talk  

Shirley Hodgson - Wandering and begging (vagrant children)

26/09/2017   Malago Society for Bedminster & Bishopsworth Talk  

Jerry Sampson - St Laurence, East Harptree

27/09/2017   Harptrees History Society AGM at 6.30 p.m., followed by talk  

Jonathan Rowe - A short history of Brizz

28/09/2017   Brislington Conservation & History Society Talk  7.30 p.m.  

Jim Pimpernell - The Dramway and Avon Wharf

03/10/2017   Kingswood History Society Talk  

Chris Bigg - Bristol old and new

03/10/2017   Yatton Local History Society Talk  

 - Orchard Harvest Day

08/10/2017   Winterbourne Barn 11.00 to 4.00  

Barry Williams - Chasing red herrings

09/10/2017   Bristol & Avon Family HS Bristol Talk  

Paul Hodge - The history of Bristol Water

09/10/2017   Nailsea & District LHS AGM and talk  


11/10/2017   Bristol & Avon Family HS Sodbury Vale Members' evening  

Gail Boyle - Archaeology, exhibitions and the modern museum audience

12/10/2017   West Bristol History Group Talk  

Colin Budge - Gentleman's estates in the 17th & 18th centuries, with reference to North Somerset

13/10/2017   Banwell Archaeological Society Talk  

Research Group - The work of the research group

17/10/2017   Bishopston, Horfield & Ashley Down LHS Talk  

Dr Matthew Spring - Benjamin Milgrove, musical toy maker of Bath

17/10/2017   Marshfield & District LHS Talk  

Professor Helen Mellor - How to live in the modern city: women's contribution in Bristol 1860s-1930s

18/10/2017   ALHA    AGM and Joseph Bettey Lecture  

Charles Booth & Kent Fedorowich - Returning home to fight: Bristolians in the Dominion Armies 1914 - 1918

18/10/2017   Western Front Association - Avon Branch Talk  

 - To be arranged

24/10/2017   Avonmouth Genealogy Group   

John Penny - Planes, boats and trains

24/10/2017   Malago Society for Bedminster & Bishopsworth Talk  

Kim Thompson - The work of the Churches Conservation Trust and local churches in their care

25/10/2017   Harptrees History Society Talk  

Hotwell Howlers - Stoney Broke in No Man's Land - Songs relating to World War I

26/10/2017   Brislington Conservation & History Society Concert. 7.30 p.m. £1 admission, with a rtiring collection for the British Red Cross  

Caroline Gurney - Tracing agricultural labourers using Manorial and Parochial records

30/10/2017   Bristol & Avon Family HS Bath Talk  

Roger Angerson - Cleeve and Beaufort Military Hospital

07/11/2017   Kingswood History Society Talk  

Clive Burlton - Bristol's lost city: the Bristol International Exhibition of 1914

07/11/2017   Yatton Local History Society Talk  

Jaqueline Wadsworth - No news of Fred

08/11/2017   Bristol & Avon Family HS Sodbury Vale Talk  

Clive Burlton - Bristol's Great War

09/11/2017   West Bristol History Group Film show  

David Sebborn - My brother Admiral Blake

10/11/2017   Banwell Archaeological Society Talk  

Peter Weeks - Stoke Bishop and WWI  The men on the memorials

10/11/2017   Stoke Bishop & Sneyd Park LHG Talk  

Chris Bigg - History of Bristol comnpanies

13/11/2017   Bristol & Avon Family HS Bristol Talk  

Jean Routley - The carols are coming

13/11/2017   Nailsea & District LHS Talk  

Peter Caddick-Adams - The Italian Front, 1917 - 1918

15/11/2017   Western Front Association - Avon Branch Talk  


18/11/2017   Bishopston, Horfield & Ashley Down LHS AGM and lunch at BAWA, Southmead Road, Filton, BS34 7RG  

Peter Davey - To Knowle by tram

21/11/2017   Malago Society for Bedminster & Bishopsworth Talk  

Alan & Jane Bambury - The architecture, sculpture & symbolism of a Victorian cemetery (Arnos Vale)

21/11/2017   Marshfield & District LHS Talk  

Susan Moore - More than family history

27/11/2017   Bristol & Avon Family HS Bath Talk  

Gordon Young - To be arranged

28/11/2017   Avonmouth Genealogy Group Film show  

Terry & Jennie Stevens - Tyntesfield progress and discoveries

29/11/2017   Harptrees History Society Talk  

M. Britton - What is it and where is it?

30/11/2017   Brislington Conservation & History Society Quiz. 2.00 p.m.  

 - Executive Committee meeting

04/12/2017   ALHA Executive Committee   

Marion Blackburn - Arnos Vale Cemetery

05/12/2017   Yatton Local History Society Talk  

Jonathon Weeks - Medieval instruments part two - woodwind

08/12/2017   Banwell Archaeological Society Talk  

 - Make a Christmas wreath workshop

09/12/2017   Winterbourne Barn 11 to 4  

Yvonne Bell - Edwardian Christmas

11/12/2017   Bristol & Avon Family HS Bath Talk  

Terry Merrett Smith - Ration books to rock and roll

11/12/2017   Bristol & Avon Family HS Bristol Talk  

Garry Gowans - The Christmas truce 1914

11/12/2017   Nailsea & District LHS Talk  

Sue Giddings - Show of vintage films

13/12/2017   Harptrees History Society Film show  

Professor Ronald Hutton - The history of Christmas

14/12/2017   West Bristol History Group Talk  

 - Carols in the Barn

16/12/2017   Winterbourne Barn 3.30  £2  

 - Carols in the Barn

17/12/2017   Winterbourne Barn 3.30  £2  

Professor Jim Davis - The history of pantomime

19/12/2017   Marshfield & District LHS Talk  


20/12/2017   Western Front Association - Avon Branch Christmas quiz and party  

Chris Short - Congresbury church

02/01/2018   Yatton Local History Society Talk  

Alan Freke - The Fry family business

08/01/2018   Bristol & Avon Family HS Bristol Talk  

Gary Gowans - Mycenae - city of gold

12/01/2018   Banwell Archaeological Society Talk  

Howard Burton - Charmy Down: the history of a World War II airfield

16/01/2018   Marshfield & District LHS Talk  

Tony Coverdale - Avon Valley copper & brass industry, 1700 - 1750

31/01/2018   Harptrees History Society Talk  

Steve Poole - England's last crime scene execution at Penn, 1830

06/02/2018   Yatton Local History Society AGM with light refreshments, followed by talk  

Pat Hase - Weston super Mare in World War II

09/02/2018   Banwell Archaeological Society Talk  

Shirley Hodgson - Have we forgotten the basics?

12/02/2018   Bristol & Avon Family HS Bristol Talk  

Steve Hobbs - Tying the knot: marriage in 16th and 17th century Wiltshire

20/02/2018   Marshfield & District LHS Talk  

Research Group - Three short presentations on recent work

28/02/2018   Harptrees History Society Talks  

Terry Merrett-Smith - Ration books to rock 'n roll; slides & music from the speaker's collection of 78s

06/03/2018   Yatton Local History Society Talk  

Paul Gregory - History of the Weston, Clevedon & Portishead Railway

09/03/2018   Banwell Archaeological Society Talk  

Roger Angerson - Quaker records

12/03/2018   Bristol & Avon Family HS Bristol Talk  

Alan Freke - J.S.Fry: a family business

20/03/2018   Marshfield & District LHS Talk  

John Page - The royal palaces of Cheddar

28/03/2018   Harptrees History Society Talk  

Andy Warren - Lofty's radar: Arnold Downes' life in the RAF in World War II

03/04/2018   Yatton Local History Society Talk  

Judy & Chris Rouse - Mayhem on the Midland

09/04/2018   Bristol & Avon Family HS Bristol Talk  

Bev Knott - Roman roads in Avon

13/04/2018   Banwell Archaeological Society Talk  

John Putley - Ugly mugs: great gargoyles of Gloucestershire

17/04/2018   Marshfield & District LHS Talk  

Prof. Alan Jocelyn - The Bristol riots of 1831

25/04/2018   Harptrees History Society Talk  

Geoff Marchant - A local war hero: Captain Andrew Henry

01/05/2018   Yatton Local History Society Talk  

 - 60th anniversary dinner

11/05/2018   Banwell Archaeological Society Dinner  

Rose Hewlett - How to get the best from village records

14/05/2018   Bristol & Avon Family HS Bristol Talk  

Dr Cathryn Spence - The story of Bath

15/05/2018   Marshfield & District LHS Talk  

Kurt Adams - Treasures and trinkets (archaeology antiques road show)

08/06/2018   Banwell Archaeological Society AGM and talk  

John Penny - Georgian and Regency St Pauls, Bristol.

18/06/2018   Bristol & Avon Family HS Bristol Talk  

Professor Jennifer Tann - Sweeps to slaves: working children in the past

19/06/2018   Marshfield & District LHS AGM and talk