From 1976 onwards, the then Avon Local History Association published a series of booklets and newsletters about history and archaeology in Avon. These have now been scanned, and are made available here in the form of pdf files, one file for each issue.

As well as the names of committee members, details of forthcoming events, and reviews of books, these publications also include articles of interest to local historians which are still relevant today.

The early series was named "Quest", and using the best technology of the day, was produced using a stencil duplicator. Quest was generally undated, so an approximate date has been estimated from hints in the text.

In 1979, it was agreed to publish a journal jointly with Avon Archaeological Council. This was to be published twice a year and called “Avon Past”. It had better production qualities,but was still very much of its time. All of the Quest issues and volumes 1 to 9 of Avon Past were A4 size, but from volume 10 of Avon Past onwards, A5 size was produced, and over the years production standards improved, with professional typesetting and printing. Unfortunately, the publishing schedule often slipped, and you will see that no volumes were published between Autumn 1985 and Autumn 1987.

Making these publications available online would not have been possible without the hard work of scanning them, which was done by Mike Leigh.  ALHA would like to place on record its thanks to him.

The Archive now includes Newsletters and Updates published since 2017.